So if you don’t know what to read, this reading list is for you

When you spend time on this platform, you come across various writers: big writers, small writers, and those in the middle. It’s like a social classification where followers, claps, and reads define your (Medium) social class (and your value). But I don’t think these criteria are always pertinent. And maybe…

According to Natalia VM who wrote about this Netflix original show

Natalia says she’s a “Psychologist interested in spirituality and symbolism across the stories we consume every day.” She’s not lying and proves it in her article about OA, a Netflix original show.

In 5 Reasons the OA Changed my View of Life |Cracking the algorithm of human existence, she shares…

Become an editor and/or a writer for Less Than 100.

Edited 09/17/21

On August 21st, 2021, I launched Less Than 100, a pub highlighting stories written by writers with less than 100 followers.

At first, I wrote short articles reviewing their stories, so readers may want to read them and eventually follow the writers. Like in this article:

Then, I…

Imani Lin

I write about Life, death, money, language, and everything in between. English is my playground, and I take play seriously. Contact:

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